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We specialize in preparing our students with all the necessary tools needed to become skilled Drilling Fluid Specialists. We are here to put you on the path to a successful, rewarding career. 

It is our desire to see our graduates excel and advance as soon as they hit the field. Combining over 15 years of experience as Mud Engineers and Well Site Supervisors, our two instructors have a vast amount of knowledge in this field. We have already trained many experienced and non-experienced hands to become quality Drilling Fluid Specialists. And now, we are here to train YOU! Check out our site for available classes today!

The oilfield is evolving every day. With more technical and career advantages, the need for Drilling Fluid Specialists (Mud Engineers) is greater than ever. Your opportunity is NOW!
Drilling Fluid Specialists, aka mud men, are one of the key personnel on a drilling rig. Tenured Drilling Fluid Specialists have a broad spectrum of skills that allows them to understand what is taking place during the drilling process. They must know what happens at surface level, as well as, what down-hole reports to them via the properties of the drilling fluid and other elements that arise from the earth. The main responsibility of a Drilling Fluid Specialist is to create the finest and safest possible drilling fluid that works in the advantage of drilling, rather than against it. We want to equip you with these skills.